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Mondays Masterclass – Alvaro Castagnet

On Mondays I wax lyrical about my favourite artists and how I’ve been inspired by their work. Alvaro Castagnet is a great favourite and expert in watercolour. He is a master draughtsman, he has no trouble in drawing very complex buildings and architecture. His painting style is very interesting in that he starts off very typically watercolour and puts down his soft light colours and leaves his lightest areas, then he works very dark contrasts to really show off the lighter areas and to really add drama. He also puts in high contrast primaries to give a focus to his subject. Much of the dark is intense pigment I think he applies it like acrylic, very strong and Matt. I sat in the banks of the Seine watching a cafe and the interaction of diners. It was fun yet challenging. The waiters in their white aprons almost dancing in between the tables with their nimble steps! {CAPTION} Sent from my iPad