Sketchaway5 Course – Introduction to Sketchbooking (5 Modules)


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This 5 module introductory online Sketchbook course aims to equip you with the skills to take you from sketchbook dabbler to a confident sketchbook aficionado. Delivered by artist and expert sketch-booker Janet Brady. She teaches you how to create your own beautiful sketchbooks, full of drawings, paintings and memories, with her inspiring sketch-booking mastery.
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Learn to create your own beautiful Sketchbook

The 5 module course is delivered to you via email with links on YouTube.  It consist of pre-recorded videos with accompanying topic and task sheets. The videos give instructions and tasks relating to each module.
This course teaches you how to create page layouts, mark making, scale of mark, measuring, watercolour mixing, watercolour layering, how to write around your sketches, suggests what to write,  how to compose a sketch, and how to prepare a sketch as a preliminary idea for a painting.
As a real bonus and if you would like constructive and positive feedback back, you can submit your work fortnightly. You can also join a WhatsApp group to share your experience with other participants. The course aims to be instructive, and builds your drawing and sketching skills with each module, and is lots of fun!


  • You can start this course as soon as you buy it. Videos are scheduled fortnightly or longer if pre arranged. All content is recorded as a video and made available to view as many times as you choose.  You can. Stop, start, and repeat the videos ss many times as you like. Questions regarding the module can be sent by email to or contact her on WhatsApp.


You will need the following basic equipment, a sketchbook, indelible pens, watercolour paints, natural sponges, a wax crayon, masking fluid. A book to journal in and a small sketchbook to create a mark making library.


To get the most out of the course it will be best to watch the videos, read the work sheets and complete the task sheets. You have the choice to send ŷour completed sketchbook pages as photographs to Janet and in doing so she will give you constructive and positive feedback.