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Sketchbook Mastery by Expert Janet Brady.

A creative online sketch-booking course. Delivered as video tutorials. The perfect way to learn to draw and paint, all in a sketchbook! Create beautiful pages that make your sketchbook a work of art in itself.

There’s nothing like a beautiful new sketchbook with its crisp white pages, so inviting, just waiting to be filled with your beautiful sketches, words and paintings.



The Sketchaway Courses and Community

Sketchaway-5 Online Course

A 5 Module Course with two topics per Module delivered over 5 or 10 weeks– your choice, depending on how much time you have. Each topic video lasts between 30-40 minutes and there are accompanying worksheets and optional tasks associated with each topic.

Sketchaway-5More Online Course

A follow-on course from Sketchaway-5 to stretch your skills. 5 new modules building on, and extending, the skills developed in the previous Sketchaway-5 course. These modules can be purchased as a set of 5, or independently as stand-alone modules.

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Be part of a like-minded community of sketchers. Join our free FaceBook group. A great place to share work and ideas with regular input (videos, tips and ideas) from janet. Or pop in an art-related question and expert tutors Janet and Peter or will be happy to share their advice.

Sketchaway-5 Testemonials

A really enjoyable, motivational, and gently challenging course with a lovely talented course tutor anxious to pass on her knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for the world of sketch-booking, which really did exceed my expectations.

Julie Archer

The course was very well organised.  The quality of the presentation and demonstration videos was exceptional, very professional and easy to follow. The timing of the course was perfect in that it gave me a focus in these difficult times. I was running out of ideas of what to paint. As the course progressed I found that my artistic juices were flowing again!

Tony Karavis

For someone who had rather lost their enthusiasm for painting and drawing this has been a brilliant course!  Excellent video presentations demonstrate basic and advanced sketching techniques and explain colour, patterns, and layout, and demonstrate how to apply these techniques.  All done in a very relaxed manner in the comfort of your own home.  The weekly exercises leave you free to work to your own timetable and Janet’s feedback on the work is really helpful and encouraging.  I think that the course works for all levels of skill from beginners to experienced painters and I would recommend it to anyone. It is actually quite difficult to put it into a few brief words but I really do think that it has been brilliant!  You seem to have got us all going and it has been so handy to have the videos to keep replaying them for reference.

Alison Moore

Sketchaway-5 Preview

This five-module course gives you the skills, confidence, and inspiration to fill your sketchbooks with pages of beautiful drawings, scribbles, prep- sketches, paintings, and words. it teaches you to plan and layout your pages beautifully. Janet strategically shares her skills and equips you with the skills to makes it easy!



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