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Janet Brady’s Sketchaway5 sketchbooking video course – 5-Modules, 10-Videos. Create your own beautiful sketchbooks. Watch as many times as you like. This offer includes written feedback: send Janet photographs of your coursework on completion of each Module and she will provide an assessment regarding strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for further development.

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Christmas Special Offer 3 - This is the original signature Sketchaway5 online course (5-Modules and 10 videos, with Janets personal help and attention given for each module), usual price of £200, offered at a special price of £150 for a limited period over Christmas and New Year.

How does this differ from the £100 special offer?

For the extra £50 you will receive a written email response to your coursework, module by module keeping to a fortnightly schedule. You submit photographs of your work on completion of each module and receive feedback before the next module is sent out, so positive comments and improvements may help you with the next module. The review will provide a detailed analysis of each page submitted giving positive feedback to encourage you to further develop your work as you go along.

The review will be of the tasks set for each module, and will focus on the following aspects:

  • Drawing skills.
  • Layouts.
  • Wording on each page.
  • Colour.
  • Composition.
  • A written dialogue to express how you work and how things are progressing, good or bad.
  • Research and development - extra sketchbooks/research on an idea.
  • Unique style and innovation

Included in all offers:

Learn how to create beautiful sketchbooks step-by-step by following along with Janet's easy-to-watch tuition. It’s a fab gift for this time of year.

"Are you too scared to draw on the first page of a beautiful sketchbook? No problem, we overcome that. Do you draw with a pen? My drawing method is truly liberating. I’m always complimented on my vibrant colours- find out why. I teach you to use transparent watercolours. Watch, practise and learn at your own pace, all from the comfort of your own home. Start the year fully equipped to pursue your own sketchbook journey." Janet Brady - Sketchaway5

Each video is approximately 40 minutes long and covers themes and techniques related to completing a specific module, including drawing, composition, layout, text, colour, scale of mark, measuring and much more.

Once purchased you can watch as many times as you like and learn at your own pace.


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